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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 26, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> down to earth at friends rate for and you're watching friends 24. these are the headlines. an earthquake rocks south asia leaving at least 70 dead. 12 afghan girls were among the victims question a stampede as they tried to run from the collapsing school. havee and the balkans agreed to come up with 100 thousand more spots in emergency
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centers for refugees, but they were still no long-term deal for europe's worst migrant crisis since world war ii. and a sharp turn to the right as a eurosceptic party wins the election there. that will usher in poland's first not left leaning government since calmness and fell in 1989. -- since communism fell in 1989. a conservative opposition ahead in in polls are argentina. it has prompted the first second-round vote for president in argentinian history. that and more on the way. ♪ start first with
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the powerful seven point five earthquake that hit a few hours ago in northern afghanistan. strong tremors were felt in much of southeast asia -- south asia including kabul, new delhi, and islamabad. we will go to our correspondent. what can you tell us? >> the reports are still coming in and we do know that in pakistan, the death toll has reached more than 50 people. and in neighboring afghanistan, as you also mentioned in the headlines, 12 schoolchildren killed in a stampede resulting from the aftermath of this earthquake. the most affected areas, we do know that the earthquake was felt throughout northern pakistan, but the extreme include tort that and areas along
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the afghanistan border, we are getting reports of huge damage, building collapses, and we are still awaiting reports from defense authorities that are leading the rescue efforts over there. we do that more than 500 people have been injured and are being treated. more than 50 people have been killed. at the same time, in one of the which is less, than 70 kilometers away from the epicenter. government sources cannot reach that area. one are saying that it is of the most popular -- populated areas new the epicenter. and it is also in a remote area of afghanistan.
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at the same time, people are saying this is like 2005 earthquake that happen in this area. in this what they are saying, local authorities, is that the earthquake was much more, about in thisilometers deep area -- 190 kilometers deep. and because last time it was much shallower, this time there more- there was much destruction last time around. -- there was much more destruction last time around. it was contained more today. genie: thank you.
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more emergency centers have opened up more spots for refugees. they came up with a pledge to work together in greece and the balkans, but had no long-term lives thatwith more are likely to continue coming in the winter. the deaths of the refugees do not correspond to the values of the rescuers. is the worst migration crisis since world war ii and often with vicious finger-pointing among the affected comer -- affected countries, they have come up with a 10 point plan. tonight is an important step
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toward passing this test toward solidarity, but there is still a long road ahead. 100,000 -- some 100,000 new places will be created in the balkans and along the route. half of them will be increased and others will be in places like serbia and macedonia. havet 700,000 people arrived in the area this year, fleeing syria, iraq, and afghanistan. countries have been closing their borders. it is an untenable situation for the european commission president. >> the only way to restore order is to slow down the flow of people. of neighboring countries has to stop. 60,000 migrants have arrived
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in slovenia in the last 10 days alone. sharp turnnd took a to the right sunday as a conservative eurosceptic party took first place in the election there. exit polls say the law and justice party got close to 38% of the vote, enough for it to govern alone. olin looks set to have its first non-left-leaning government since the fall of communism in 1989. here is more. >> more catholics and less theing to take in migrants, lawn justice party was widely predicted to win almost 40% of the vote, which would be enough to govern alone. the victory to his late brother. him, have to remember
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especially at this moment. over 10 years ago he told me, mr. chairman, the mission is accomplished. and today, i can say, mr. president, the mission is accomplished. kitchen ski has been vocal about the resettling of migrants , saying lastly that they carry diseases and parasites. he has recovered from a 2013 ifs dropping scandal -- eavesdropping scandal. today, poland is much better off than eight years ago. the country is developing economically and unemployment is in single digits. to -- lawstice appeal
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and justice appeal to conservatives and those who feel left out. nervous andmarkets currency has been seen to slide. conservatives have had another strong showing in argentina. the opposition party is now set to face the candidate handpicked by the outgoing president in a second-round vote next month. it will be the first-ever presidential runoff in argentinian history. holt had him loose out right in the first round. conservative opposition candidate is now promising to shake off argentina's politics. to conquer our future. it depends on each one of us. i ask you now today, no matter how many years it takes, we will
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not stop until we achieve it. >> and unexpectedly strong showing on sunday for him is forcing a runoff vote next month, the first in argentina's history. he will be facing the left-wing candidate and favorite. the formered by president who is stepping down after a maximum two terms. after 12 years of rule, he says andan offer continuity vision. >> we need a lot of experience and not risky experiments. president,th my vice there is a firm step ahead and not a jump into the void. presidencywins the faces significant economic challenges. while the country gained
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strength after a financial crisis in 2002, it is an economy that has slowed in recent years with gdp growing by only .5% last year. and they are counting ballots in the ivory coast today after a peaceful day of voting there. hopingrent president is to win another term in office. the election was seen as a litmus test after turning the page on a decade-long political crisis. for more, i'm joined by the africandirector for the rights organization. the last election led to violence and more than 3000 people killed. it looks like so far things are relatively peaceful. will that continue? i believe so. it is not a question of conflict, but of reconciliation, both to the victims and to
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establish the economy and the peaceful environment and of course, civil rights and the possibility to express peacefully, the opinion of people. and yet there are 30,000 soldiers on the ground for this vote. is there no risk of this turning violent? today there is no major risk for violence. the question is more in the longer or middle term. including this question of reconciliation. as far as the reconciliation, the necessity of people to have justice for the dead and their family and their own people who have died in the crisis. the question now is to bring equal justice for everyone, and take on the responsibility of the crisis. they will be prosecution --
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there will be prosecution in the will in november and that be the first opportunity to raise this question. accountable for the crimes they have committed, especially in the west of the country. genie: the current president is hoping for what he is calling a knockout blow, a first solid round win. do you think that will happen? possibly, participation so far was weak. but the favored in the polls , there is no real opposition for him. he will probably be reelected. also, it will be how the andsition rebuilds itself
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the alternative policy on the recovery project for the ivory coast. people have to express their opposition if it is going to be democracy. genie: i appreciate your observations on the ivory coast. now to turkey were seven islamic state militants have been killed in a raid in a kurdish city. they died in a firefight when when -- when police raided more than a dozen homes. three were kept alive. here is more. sorry about that. let's take a look at top stories. police have detained a suspect after an attacker tried to crash his car into an army barracks in belgium today. he ran in to the gate, but probably took off after shots were fired. this was in a town south of brussels. -- media reports
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of explosives in the car have so far yet to be confirmed. let's take a look at our headlines. asia,thquake rocks south leaving at least 70 dead. 12 afghan girls were among the victims, crushed in a stampede as they tried to run from their collapsing school. greece and the balkans agreed to come up with 100,000 more spots in emergency centers for refugees, but there is still no long-term deal for the worst micro crisis since world war ii. and a sharp turn to the right for poland as a eurosceptic party wins the election there. it will usher in poland's first non-left-leaning government since communism fell in poland in 1989. time for the business news with delano desousa. you will start were the african
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summit is underway. delano: that is right. they have rolled out the red topet and the summit is set affect political and trade ties between the two. playing catch-up with china, india kicked off its biggest african summit on monday, as it looks to boost economic ties with the resource rich continent. on the top of the list is energy requirements and with its untapped resources, africa is the perfect place to look. one out of every five barrels of oil that the country imports is from nigeria. also on the table is the exchange of labor forces. indian farmers are looking for discounts as they are looking for increased agricultural output.
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in south african coal mines could produced the 90 million tons of coal each year. at $19al trade stood billion in 1985 and is up to 45 billion and expected to be in the range of $75 billion this year. invested 137 projects in 40 african nations. of the let's get a check markets at this hour. is currently the only index in the green. germany is watching it climate index which fell in october.
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the car industry seems to be unfazed by the volkswagen scandal. let's take a look at other companies making headlines at this hour. authorities in the u.s. widened their program into georgia bank. the german let -- into deutsche bank. in anere already investigation in russia. the accusations are violations of sanctions on russia in 2014. european demand is picking up for the slowdown in emerging markets as peugeot. profits are on the rise for dutch lighting and health-care giant philips. at 334fits came in
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million euros in the third quarter. the company says its operational performance remains strong despite worsening economic conditions in many markets, particularly china. next.y with china the ruling communist party has begun a weeklong meeting this monday. on the agenda, the economic and social development plan for the next five years. the meeting takes place at a worrisome time for the chinese economy. in the firstown 7% month of this year. the five-year plan is set to begin next year and last through 2020. genie: the ceo of one of europe's the us has weighed in on the migrant crisis. delano: it is an interesting opinion piece made over the weekend. he has come -- called on the country to deregulate its layer -- labor market to create more
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lower paying jobs and says it will help them to integrate better into society. intoid if the entry rate the labor market is too high, integration will fail. it is sad, but true. that looknk you for at the business news. it is now time for the press review. nicholas rushworth is with us on the set today. you are going to start with a look at former prime minister tony blair, who has issued an apology of sorts on the war in iraq. nicholas: tony blair has acknowledged that the invasion of iraq in 2003 is partly responsible for what we are seeing now, the emergence of -- the islamice state group in the middle east. he says that toppling iraq was the right thing to do, but , yes, he can only apologize for some of the mistakes that were made. he is talking generally there.
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the mea culpa, if you like, is not expected -- accepted by the french press, saying it is highly insufficient. that piece is saying, well, what is he saying he has done? yes not said that he lied to the british people or his allies. genie: this is getting a lot of coverage in the u.k. as well. nicholas: it's go to the independent newspaper, which has the master of spin on his spinning top there with a huge grin. the judge who is in charge of across thenquiry and board, it seems that he has come out with this interview to sort of head off the choke up verdict -- chillicothe verdict at the pass.
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an expert in the middle east, robert fisk, is saying tony blair is at it again and that we have a midget of an apology here. wretched man started a regional war, he says, that has totally a scared the tragedy -- obscure the tragedy of the palestinians. he argues that the middle east is not, as tony blair would argue, a place of an hand instability. instability.t genie: to another world leader now, former president jimmy carter has been writing in the new york times about syria. nicholas: he cannot quite get the buzz going that tony blair can come but this article is very fascinating. he backs the suggestion of a five nation approach to the syrian crisis, the u.s., russia, iran, turkey a, and saudi
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arabia. in this article he says that he went to the russians and put thisrd that proposal of five nation approach. that is totally contrary to what we are seeing in washington, which is really over the past assadears that idea that must be removed for any talks to happen and this is showing that he could remain for talks to continue. , not settle at all, from the saudi press, saying this whole russian venture will think like leonardo dicaprio -- will sink like leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet. as we know, not funny. pushingsays -- shows aside to center stage for the talks in vienna.
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if you look at the cartoon in arabic, you can see that the table says vienna and the writing in arabic is saying that assad is very much up for discussion and part of the trade-off going on. that is something we are seeing more and more. genie: just to wrap up in entertainment news cluster elton john. what has he been up to? nicholas: he has a 22 million pound house at a bargain price, 19 million pounds, less than he could have paid. he has an 11 car garage. why do i mention that? over theen making news weekend with the formula one grand prix in the u.s. showing eltonts with lewis hamilton, and lewis hamilton on the podium getting his third championship, but blown away by elton john being
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there. plenty of buzz about open. genie: thank you for that. closer lookto get a at any of the stories nick was talking about, you can get that at our website address next half hour for you, we will focus on that favorite of french passions, wine. this with the 200 anniversary of the historical check almagro. find out about the new facelift after this.
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